The CDÉNÉ publishes a variety of documents related to the economic development of Acadian and Francophone communities in Nova Scotia. Consult our annual reports to learn more about the work of the CDÉNÉ, find out about Nova Scotia’s Acadian and Francophone regions by reading the community profiles.  Furthermore, get to know the projects / initiatives of the Acadian and Francophone communities by consulting the Community Economic Development Plans and know the actual and future requirements in rural Acadian and Francophone work-force by reading the work-force needs assessment surveys reports.
Note that all publications are in French only.

Annual Reports
Couv Rapport annuel 2017 2018

Annual reports highlight the CDÉNÉ’s projects and achievements and its contributions to economic development in Nova Scotia’s Acadian and Francophone community.

Mêlons-nous de nos affaires
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Mêlons-nous de nos affaires is an economic newsletter that offers news, tips and articles with a Nova Scotian Acadian and Francophone perspective relating to the fields in which the CDÉNÉ works (business, entrepreneurship, community economic development, economic immigration and employability).

Community Profiles 2018
CDN Clare V2
Community profiles give an overview of the economy, geographical location, immigration, education, natural resources, government services and various other areas of activity in the major Acadian regions in Nova Scotia. Only one of them is available in English version as of today, but we will eventually translate each one of them:

Community Economic Plans 2014-2018
Plan IsleMadame Page 01
Community economic plans suggest actions to support economic development and employability in the Acadian and Francophone regions of Nova Scotia. These plans guide the work of Community Economic Development Services in collaboration with its partners.

Work-Force Needs Assessment Surveys Reports

Reports "A Step Toward a Big Goal"

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These reports provide leads for the socioeconomic development of the the Acadian and Francophone communities in Nova Scotia.